The Toy Story Video Game I’d Love to Play

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From @SuperKaylo comes this pretty awesome piece of photoshop which renders Buzz Lightyear as Mass Effect‘s Commander Shepard, and Woody as Red Dead Redemption‘s John Marsten. I’ve seen the Red Dead/Toy Story comparisons before, but I’ve never seen anyone bust out a paintjob on a set of N7 armor to change Buzz into a video game icon.

As a side note, I would freaking love for there to be some backwards ass DLC for Red Dead Redemption where John Marsten falls into a wormhole, time travels and now fights Reapers alongside Commander Shepard and his crew. I don’t care if it’s two different companies, put your differences aside in the name of awesomeness Rockstar and Bioware!

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  1. floppytall August 12, 2010

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