The Top 15 Xbox 360 Case Mods


Wait, what?

I’m not exactly sure what makes people want to mod their game systems. Maybe it’s a creative spark, maybe it’s complete and utter obsession with a game, or maybe it’s just boredom. Whatever the case, there have been some truly amazing skins made specifically for the Xbox 360. Some are functional, adding new features to the system like portability or intercooling, some are pure cosmetic, spattering the system with blood or grime. Don’t question it, it’s art! Here are the fifteen coolest ones I could find:15) Days of Future Past


It’s like out of Blade Runner or A New Hope or something. Xbox 360 Tatooine edtion, hooray!

14) Halo Bookends



It’s more of a diorama than a mod, but still pretty cool.

13)  Embedded Screen


Quite a technical feat I’m sure, but I think the screen’s gotta get a bit bigger for it to actually be worth it.

12)  See-Thru Green

plastic green

I had a Halo themed original Xbox that kind of look like this, brings me back.

11)  Blood Splatter



If you ever wondered what Xbox 360 would look like in a zombie apocalypse.

10)  Half Life 2

half life

half life2

It even looks like Valve architectural style, know what I mean?

9) Gears of War



Looks much more menacing at night, but still pretty cool.

8 )  Halo Helm

halo helm

Love the see through helmet action. Don’t like the t-shirt airbrushing though.

7)  I’m a PC


This is a mod, but I swear, it’ll be the norm within a few years. Mark my words.

6)  Oooh, Shiny!



For the narcissistic who want to see what they look like when they play.

5)  Gears of War Battle Encrusted



A pretty hardcore Gears mod, and the only thing that is keeping me from bumping it higher is the fact that I can’t help but think it kind of looks like someone sh*t on the Xbox when you step back a few paces.

4) Water Cooling



The system is completely water-cooled, so hopefully that means there’s no more fan that sounds like a jet turbine winding up.

3) Laptop 360



A few different variations on the laptop here, if it wasn’t absurdly expensive I’d easily thing about doing it. A full keyboard especially would come in handy if you don’t want to sound like a 12 year old girl on the headset mic.

2) Gator Skinned



You always hold the trump card when debating who’s mod is the coolest: “Oh yeah, well how many animals died to make your 360 skin?”

1) Tissue Box/Alarm Clock



Because it’s the only mod I saw that gave a hint of what to do with it after the Red Ring of Death.

 Thank God the steampunk people haven’t gotten to the 360 yet.