The Top 10 Mega64 Real Life Gaming Videos


For those of you who may be unaware, Mega64 is a group of comedians specializing in video game videos. In one of their segments, they imagine what it’s like to act out a certain game in real life. Then they stop imagining and go out and actually do it. These are my 10 favorite Mega 64 adventures.

10) Shadow of the Colossus


Damn, the game would have only taken about 20 minutes like this.

9) Tetris


He’s just looking for his perfect fit. Kind of sad really.

8 ) Hitman


I would be pretty terrified if I saw this happen in real life.

7) Dead Rising


Yeah I always wondered if the other people in the game were like “Who’s this douche taking pictures? I’m getting eaten by zombies here!”

6) Parappa the Rapper


This one actually gets a pretty positive reaction out of people.

5) Super Mario Bros.


With special guest.

4) Ico


One of my favorites, I love the noises.

3) Assassin’s Creed


Demonstrating that “crowd push” isn’t exactly as subtle in real life.

2) Resident Evil 4



1) Metal Gear Solid 4


With special guest…and then some.

Go to the Mega64 site for even more crazy.

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