The Ten Best Things Out of Deus Ex So Far

I’m currently playing through Deus Ex a second time with the keywords “guns blazing” in mind (it’s surprisingly easy to explore when everyone who would mind is dead), but before I revisit the game in review form, I wanted to have a change of pace.

The world of Deus Ex is incredibly rich and textured, and as such, hidden throughout the game are very cool things that you probably missed with a quick playthrough. Add in some creativity of bored players, and you’ve got a pretty fun list to go through of easter eggs and other ridiculousness.

I’m sure more will be discovered in time, but here are the best things I’ve seen from the game to date.

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Mailbox Limit

Forever Alone

Hacking Fort



Mr. Jensen Needs a New Mirror


Did I Do It Right?

More Blade Runner

Irony Incarnate

Veronica Mars

Some Things Are Better Left Undiscovered

Adam Jensen: Dance Machine