The Ten Best Call of Duty Black Ops Kills So Far

To combat the boredom that comes with not being able to leave the house because snow killed your car, I’ve taken to playing Black Ops again, and I just reached level 50 for the first time last night, woo hoo! If you think I’m prestiging, think again. Why would I want to start all over? Who cares?

Anyway, that inspired this post that I’ve been meaning to write for some time. I’ve been slowly collecting videos over the last month or two that I deem awesome, and now I have the ten best Black Ops kills I could find. Some are luck, some are skill and some are lots and lots and lots of luck.

Check out the video collection below, and submit your own if you think I missed one.

1. The Nutter


2. The Chain Reaction


3. The Quad Snipe


4. The Lunge Fail


5. The Pure, Pure Luck


6. The Quadahawk


7. The Banana Peel


8. The Invisible Knife Hurdle


9. The Dud


10. The Someone Actually Did It


I’ve always wondered what the chances were of killing someone with a random care package, and then further still, killing them with a care package the one time it’s captured as the last kill for the killcam. You’d have a better chance of being struck by lightning. You should auto-prestige up to 15 if this happens to you, but instead it’s just a lowly achievement just like if you get the final kill with the chopper or any other killstreak.

  • Andy

    Awesome videos, but the Quad Snipe links to the Dud video.

  • Chronic8721

    Chronic8721 on xbox live. I have a sam turret game winning kill in my file share lol

  • Those freak random kills are some of the best kills. I’d say my favorite is #7.

  • thanks to whoever put me on this list (my clip #9) I was wondering how I got so many views

  • JC

    I got an awesome hacker pro kill on nuketown, check it out and let me know if its worth the top 10

  • razorsfury

    wow so take some videos other people post and then take a couple of not unique kills and you put up a top 10 list… your weak… and so are those of you that think they are the best…

  • Pixelmovement



  • Addy

    @razorsfury the hell you so mad for?

    Those were pretty cool, but the dud didn’t seem unusual. I haven’t played black ops but in cod4 and mw2 if you do that the claymore won’t go off until the person moves

  • TomTom

    So if someone lays a claymore on you, do you either just sit there or die? Can you crawl away, or something? This should be tested…

  • Derek

    Pretty similar to #2 but effing hilarious.

  • THSteve

    I don’t know…I think this one belongs on the list:

  • kreiyu

    lol if i was the player in the fist vis i would scream bs at the devs. sure the explosion from the grenade would be fatal but not getting hit in the nuts by a throw from that distance. in this game it seems getting pegged by a small pebble could prove fatal if chucked by someone.

  • Braddy J

    Agree with THSteve about that video being a glaring omission, otherwise a very solid, amusing, awe inspiring list.

  • Daniel

    I disagree with some videos, mainly most of the tomahawk ones, even being on the list. Unless I am misinformed, consoles still have auto-aim, and that gives a big advantage when it comes to throwing stuff. That’s why we don’t see many good tomahawk kills on the PC.

  • Zordon64

    Got #10 before and all my friends and i went insane for a while, but didn’t think it was save worthy. Fun though.

  • Flea

    #8 was thug-nasty. Played him like a fiddle.

  • Bastian

    @Daniel I don’t recall there ever being “auto-aim” on anything thrown in call of duty for consoles. Unless it was on one of the originals……

  • PH

    This one tops your #1

  • Real Elmer Fudd

    This should be in here. Its a ballistic knife across the map.

  • some really great videos in there. also one fake but no biggie

  • DrizzintahL

    This should be on a list somewhere. My first “wtf awesome” chance [not to be confused with skill] kill. (straight up crossbow impact kill)






  • Boxcarwilly

    2 Tomahawk videos.

    5 kill streak w/ tomahawks, +3 bank shots.

    3 tomahawk kills from far away in one life on the SAME sniper (watch closely to see the first one, there’s a flash).

  • ass

    Video number 10: the guy who was “killed by the care package was actually shot by someone behind him before the package even hit ground