The Street Fighters. All of Them.

(click for full size)

From artist captainosaka comes this collage of just about every character to ever appear in a Street Fighter game, past or present. I didn’t realize the roster had expanded this much over the years, but clearly there have been some cuts along the way.

The sheer amount of detail in this piece is fantastic, and you could spend a solid ten minutes looking at it without finding everything. If someone can name every character on this page, you win 100 internet points. Nay, a THOUSAND internet points. How do you like those stakes.

Out of all these, who has been your favorite all these years? I’m going with Cammy.

  • JC

    False! I can see in one sec that Skullomania from EX+Alpha on ps1 is blatantly missing!
    What a shame!

    (just kidding, that drawing took some serious work!!!)

  • Dawkness

    none of the ex series characters are on here. I can name every one easily without that series included.