The Street Fighter IV Trailer: At Least It’s Not the Street Fighter Movie Trailer


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A new trailer for Street Fighter IV has just gone up online. And by trailer I mean it has to be the opening cutscene of the game itself because it’s five minutes long. It introduces every single one of the characters, as well as rattles off a few of their stock line, all of which are truly awful. Seriously, I don’t know why they can’t find halfway decent voice actors for any of these characters, every other game has got that down and Street Fighter is like 30 years old. And isn’t Cammy Russian, not British? I’m going to look that up.

(…Wikipedia break)

She’s an MI6 agent? Why the hell did I think she was Russian? Anyways, watch the trailer below, the fighting looks good, but I’m pretty sure I want to play the game on mute now.


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