The Seven Sickest Ways to Die in “Dead Space”


Dead Space is about one thing: death. And while that may not be much of a surprise for most horror fans, there has never been a game that showcases the failure to live quite like this. Not content with most games’ standard “fall-down-and-fade-to-black” demise, Dead Space aims to show a variety of ways your body might react when assaulted by electricity, fire, meteorites, angry aliens and heavy machinery. All in all there are probably around two dozen different ways to die in the game, but I’ve showcase the 6 most memorable after the jump:

7) The Zombie Chowdown – As it turns out, alien zombies act just like regular zombies, going straight for the jugular. Is the head plopping off at the end a bit excessive? Please, just wait until you see the other videos in this list.

6) 100,000 Volts of Fun – Though this death doesn’t involve a creature, it deserves a spot on the list because it’s one of the most intense occurrences you’ll see (and hear) in the game. And the explosion at the end helps too.

5) Leviathan Bitch Slap – There are only a few real boss battles in Dead Space, but getting the backhand (backtentacle?) from the Leviathan leaves your legs firmly in your place while you’re torso and head are whizzing around the room, wondering what the hell just happened.

4) Piece by Piece – This death is perpetrated by the most annoying enemy in the game, the tubby, genetically altered necromorph that regenerates its limbs no matter how much ammo you pour into it. If you let him get too close he’ll take his time working his way through you, one limb at a time.

3) Rings of Death – I guarantee that every single player will die this way the first time they find themselves in this situation. As you zero-grav hop onto an asteroid to plant a homing beacon, the moment you’re finished you look up and BAM. Wave goodbye to your legs. The audio accompaniment with this video is almost the exact words out of my own mouth when it happened.

2) Brute Brunch – As you might guess, you wouldn’t want to stand next to one of these armor plated monstrosities for too long. If you do decide to stick around you’ll get to witness what it looks like when a human body is broken apart like a Kit Kat bar.

1) Assimilation – This happened to me by complete accident, and most players will probably play through the whole game without seeing this death. There are these enemies that are little dismembered heads crawling around on octopus tentacles. They hardly ever show up, but when they do, you’re in for a treat if you can’t get them off of you in time…