The Seven Deadly Sins of Gaming

So I was playing through Dante’s Inferno again when this idea stuck me. What would the video game representations of the seven deadly sins be? Yes, this is usually how my day goes.

I got to thinking and managed to come up with seven picks, one for each vice, and I’m pretty happy with how each sin is represented. I’m sure you’ll disagree with me, as many games could fill each slot, but I think you  might appreciate what I’ve come up with.

Check out the seven deadly sins of video games starting below:

WRATH – God of War

PRIDE – Call of Duty


LUST – Soul Calibur

GREED – Farmville

ENVY – World of Warcraft

SLOTH – Fable


  • matt

    very nice i like ur pics for greed envy and pride

  • Filosoraptor

    Great choices!!

    I would’ve picked Fat Princess for gluttony at first, but your Pac Man choice cracked me up.

  • BOLT

    I’m pretty sure I experienced all seven being consumed by Diablo 2….well I suppose that makes sense

    Haven’t looked back since though…now when is Diablo 3 coming out already!? COME ON!!

  • Demo

    Ahahaha, Sloth killed me! Good one!

  • Sara C.

    Hi-larious. Way to end with a great punchline.

  • I’m curious about that Soul Caliber game….that character is a stripper, not a warrior, right?

  • Andy D

    Oh snap, no he di’n’t, ect.

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  • Greed- Fallout. I killed everyone and everything for the resources. So little bullets, so many enemies. Or borderlands. The entire game was based on getting loot. Story? What story?