10 Video Game Enemies That Scare the Crap out of You

It’s the moment in a video game that you do not expect and are not happy about.   You come across some kind of enemy that you don’t quite know how to kill not to mention it’s something that scares the hell out of you.

I guess it’s a good sign when said character does in fact scare you.  It means the game creators did a good job.  Still though, it’s uncomfortable.

This isn’t a new topic but we came up with our own list of 10 video game enemies that scare the hell out of us….

Thanks to Cracked, Listverse, and Joystick Division for their respective lists that helped us form this one.

Cherubs in Doom 3


You have to go back to 2004 to remember these guys.   It was Doom 3.  The game sucked.  Let’s get that straight.   However, you have to admit these guys were a little frightening when you first came across them.

Goro in Mortal Kombat


I don’t know about you guys but I remember the first time I came across Goro on the Genesis version of Mortal Kombat.   It scared the living shit out of me.   Seriously.   I guess once you learned to take him on he wasn’t so bad but what an intimidating force.

Anything Water Related in Sonic


Can you remember a sound that was scarier than the water countdown in Sonic?  I can’t.

Piggsy – Manhunt


Piggsy only thinks he’s a pig. In reality, he is a mentally ill man who is locked away in an attic who wears a pig head mask and nothing else.  Kind of reminds me of that crap Saw wears.

Lisa Trevor – Resident Evil: The REmake


She was the human test subject on numerous experiments that mutated her both mentally and physically. The Spencer family researchers gave her “type-B” Progenitor virus, along with her mother, who received the “type-A.” Lisa unfortunately survived this infestation.  Ouch.

Poison Headcrabs – Half Life 2


When you first see these things jump at you it’s not a good moment in your life.

Evil Otto – Berzerk


Looks harmless right?  Wrong.  Did you know that two gamers actually died of heart attacks in the 80s after getting a high score?  Yeah.

Kusabi – Fatal Frame II


Call me crazy but this guy is definitely related to Shang Tsung.

Pyramid Head – Silent Hill II


He appears as a strong, tall dude that wears a big sheet around his waist. His head is adorned in what looks like a torture chamber that has a single slit drilled into it.  Seems scary enough to me.

Crimson Head – Resident Evil


If you happen to forget to set a zombie on fire after lighting it up, it will stand up, red with anger.  In other words, don’t piss this guy off.



  • vgen

    Where’s the umbilical cord and the child from Max Payne?

    • Nattyb

      How about you do the article and send it to us? Where’s the credit for the 10 we listed??????

  • Alaconz

    The flying brains from Duke Nukem always got me. They looked creepy and they sounded creepy. They also gave a chilling cry when they died.

  • woody

    one game that never gets a mention on these lists is The Suffering and its sequel. those were the most messed up and frightening games i’ve played. the spider made out of a mutilated person with machine guns attached to the front like front legs was insane and really hard to kill, especially later when there were three or four of them. i think they should do a third installment of that game.

    and also, i thought that Piggsy wore a full pig carcass, not just the head

  • Kristoph

    Clive Barker’s Undying.

    Nuff fucking said.

  • Kristoph

    Also watched most of the Silent Hills being played ( because I was too chicken ) downloaded the 4th one and played for about 4 minutes seeing that I was in a dark abandoned hospital… uninstalled.

  • Augustus

    Bloodsuckers from STALKER

  • Alex

    God is still remember how long it took me to beat Goro

  • Bandit

    Big Sister made me poo my pants first run in with in BioShock2.

  • Bandit

    That little dead girl that shows up randomly out of the blue in F.E.A.R. also made me pee-pants.

  • I was 11 the first time I played Halo and every time I came up against the Flood, I just about shit myself.

  • Lee

    What about Tonberries or those Cactus guys from Final Fantasy? They were literally impossible to kill. Also they destroyed you.

  • gaboz

    chrysalis from xcom were the toughest scary motherfuckers you encounter. I hate them with a passion

  • Those cherubs look more like little demons in cherubs of doom.

  • someguy

    wallmaster/floormaster from Zelda OoT…or the skull kids, or the literal undead zombie things that screamed…yea that just about covers it

  • Steve

    The Regenerators from RE4.

  • Aki

    Zelda NES, Like Like. Shield eating bastards scared the crap out of me.

  • @Steve,
    Agreed. Just the sound the zombies made… that scream. Always freaked me out

  • meoward_hughes

    psycho mantis from Metal Gear Solid was pretty scary the first time around. Especially if you were playing in the middle of the night.

  • Jimmy

    “Mouth” from Amnesia, hands down.

  • anonymous

    you forgot those things in Amnesia: Dark decent.
    Most scary game ever.

  • Yautja

    “It was Doom 3. The game sucked. Let’s get that straight. ”

    Hahaha…oh wow.jpg

  • Tom

    Played Resident Evil 3 when I was 7. Nemesis scared and still does scare the living daylights outta me.

  • JoshN

    What about the ghosts from pac-man?? Terrifying…

  • starr

    has none of your played dead space? that game scared the &%$# out of me. it was mostly the atmostphere. playing it in surround sound didnt help either. great sound mixing in it. but the monsters were horrifying too. the regular sisscor handed guys were ok when you got used to them, it was the big rhino ones that chased u that scared me.

  • Tpex

    List is FAIL with no creepers from Minecraft…

  • John

    Guys, what about the eel from Mario 64? That thing was terrifying! I hated Jolly Roger Bay, I never got the stars from that level.

  • tissmekyle

    i always found the scrap monsters in “metal arms :glitch in the system” scary. you murder them they reform and sprint at you twice your running speed slashing at you.

  • you forgot those things in Amnesia: Dark decent.
    Most scary game ever.

  • abner

    kintaro > goro

  • Some Guy

    “It was Doom 3. The game sucked. Let’s get that straight.”

    lol nope

  • Someone

    Where is the yeti from SkiFree?

  • Korky


  • Kevin

    I have no mouth and I must scream beat these. I couldn’t finish it when I got to the Nazi concentration camp hospital scene and it was an adventure game.

  • Nick

    Another vote for Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • Gabby

    What about the pants guys from Dead Space, those always freaked me out.

  • Tim

    Lets get something straight, Doom 3 was an awesome game.

  • xtreme0ninja

    They forgot Minecraft’s creepers.

  • Connor

    lol HORRIBLE list.
    The guy who made this list isn’t really even a gamer..
    Your missing out on the new games, which have WAY scarier creatures. Even if its is from cracked and other sites.

  • Kevin

    ONe of the scariest things I played when I was a child was “The 7th Guest” and the scariest part of that game was navigating the maze in the basement. Hitting those dead ends freaked me out.

  • Thanks for including my Pyramid Head video.

  • darthbelch

    Doom 3 didnt suck. You were either (A) Afraid of the dark or (B) You really sucked at the game. or (C) Stuck in 1993

  • Frank

    Almost every creature in Demon Souls. What a game!