The Problem with Modern Console Gaming

A few people have sent this in to me, as they’ve tuned in for some of my previous rants about preorder content and DLC. This uses the most classic game of all to show just what’s wrong with the current system, where you can never get all the content from your titles unless you pay about 50-70% extra in downloadable materials.

With games already at the ridiculous price of $60 regardless of whether they’re 4 hours long or 100, it’s frustrating to have to add even more on top of that to get the “full” experience. And I’ll say it again, DLC delays future titles more than it should, as time spent working on content there is not being spent on a true sequel. I always point to Borderlands as being guilty of this, which has practically come out with an entire other game’s worth of DLC at this point.

I also am tired of content you get for buying the game new or preordering it. Even stuff I qualify to get, I don’t want to register for EA Online, type in a code and download some extraneous character or weapon which never needed to exist at all. So I don’t, and in the back of my mind I always feel like I’m missing something.

Your thoughts on DLC?