The Potential Problem with Grand Theft Auto 5

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I’m assuming most of you saw the Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer yesterday, as it was the biggest entertainment story of the day, but in case you missed it, you can check it out here. Props to Rockstar for not sending copyright lawyers to take down every copy off YouTube.

Anyway, though the hero is unknown (older Tommy Vercetti perhaps?), the setting was revealed, and we’re heading back to San Andreas, where many consider the best game in the series to have taken place.

Though Rockstar has been generally decent about avoiding all the trappings of BS preorder DLC and packaged bonus content, the whole industry is changing, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the map look something like this. It’s hard to deny that chunks are being cleaved out of games to make sure there are bonuses for preordering and buying new and all that, and though Rockstar has had a good DLC model so far, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them fall to the new industry standard in this regard.

  • tuffy

    god i hope not 🙁

  • Ed

    One of my fears too. But…let’s look at it objectively. I don’t know how big is Los Santos compared to Liberty City, but if it’s gonna be more detailed (assuming they’re taking a step forward here), then that’s gonna take a huge chunk of space.

    Now: barring the obvious 360 hard drive issue, just streaming that chunk is going to take some impressive skills, which might kill the draw distance and detail.

    P.S. They could surprise us and even have us travelling to another state, but that’s hoping for too much.

    P.P.S. I hope this is in the GTA IV world and not in the prequels one. I don’t want to know about any more adventures with those characters. Rockstar, you can make it happen!

  • Purdman

    I don’t think it is set in San Andreas. It said it was set in Los Santos (Los Angeles). San Andreas included Vegas and San Fran… I wish it was NYC again since I live there and know the streets. An exact replica of the map would have been awesome. (GTA IV was pretty close)

  • D.C.

    That’s the second time, Mr. Tassi, that I’ve seen you post that GTA: San Andreas is “considered by many” to be the best in the series. Who’s this many? By many, do you mean that YOU consider it to be the best game in the series? I loved San Andreas, myself, but I also loved Vice City, and III, and IV, and Liberty City Stories, and The Ballad of Gay Tony, and The Lost and the Damned. Out of all of those installments, I honestly can’t say I’d pick San Andreas as my favorite. It had a huge map and a good story, but they ALL have a huge map and a good story.

    What’s your argument here? WHY is San Andreas the best?

  • Sara C.

    It’s definitely not Tommy Vercetti, unless they got someone other than Ray Liotta (cuz that ain’t him) to do the voice, which would be an epic fail. Plus, I doubt he’d move from Vice City to Los Santos for “the weather.” I’m voting either new guy or Claude (GTAIII).

  • Schiapu

    I’m pretty sure that GTA V will only be set in Los Santos. Maybe we’ll se San Fierro and Las Venturas in future expansions, sort of what we saw with GTA IV and new stories with the expansions (Except they were set in the same city). I still trust Rockstar, they haven’t failed to deliver a good DLC model.

  • Darthsat

    D.C., I don’t think it out of line to make a claim such as “where many consider the best game in the series to have taken place.” Obviously this is subjective, and so certainly there are many GTA fans that do favor SA over the others. There are a handful of reasons one could argue that SA is the best, again…it is to each person’s own tastes as to what they look for in a GTA game.

    – 3 city layout with the country aspect in-between.
    – Charismatic main character
    – Great humor
    – Diversity in vehicles
    – Soundtrack
    – Gameplay nuances
    – RPG element

    Surely there are many GTA fans that value these things, and so they would say that SA is their favorite one.

    I am a bit skeptical that this will actually be a 3 city game, however. The trailer did show Los Santos a mountain range, a wind farm, and farm land. Perhaps it is los santos surrounded by those areas. Hopefully we get to re-visit San Fiero again, but I can understand how it might be difficult to develop that much detail in that much geography.

  • tisktisktisk

    Forgot to add “Xbox 360 exclusive”. (Really hoping that doesn’t happen either.)