The Pokemon Hybrid Generator is Perhaps the Internet’s Greatest Invention

Oh. My. God.

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, and I mean that without any sort of hyperbole. Some benevolent genius has decided to bless  us with the invention that is the Pokemon Fusion Machine, where you select any two Pokemon (up to #78 Rapidash at the moment, but more will surely be added) and you combine them with another Pokemon, creating the kinds of hilarious and awesome hybrids you see above.

Up there we have Ratdrill, Maduck, Butterape (hah!), Alacruel, Golbell and Squirtwag. But the possibilities are endless! Well not endless, but pretty damn extensive, and anyone who is good at math can come up with an exact number of combination to be made. But remember, a Ratatta plus a Beedrill is not the same thing as  Beedrill plus a Rattata. One field takes the body, the other the face and color, creating two different creatures for each pair, doubling the number of possible combinations.

If you don’t spend at least the next five minutes playing with this, I’m surprised you’re reading this site at all.

  • Thank you very much for wasting the rest of my day! 😀

  • Hallo457

    Combine anything with Geodude, with Geodude being on the right hand side. The face is absolutely hilarious.

  • Alexis

    I don’t think I’d every be able to look at a grown man seriously if he had some weird obsession-almost to the point of being a fetish-with pokemon. Seriously, I haven’t played pokemon since middle school and I’m in my 20’s, I suggest you do the same.

  • ShotgunDroid


  • @Alexis

    I haven’t actually touched a Pokemon game in probably close to a decade, I just think the stuff I post, like this, is funny. I do the same on a consistent basis for Star Wars, Mario Bros or any other long running franchises that have inspired large fanbases.

  • Gabriel

    lol at Butterape….

  • Matt Chi

    Loooooooooooooove this.

    I haven’t watched the show or played a pokemon game in probably more than 10 years as well. Doesn’t mean I don’t love seeing stuff about it. Paul summed it up pretty well with the mario reference.

    You seem like quite the bland person, Alexis, and the fact that you throw around terms like “Grown Men” to describe people in their 20’s, says a ton about how poorly your aging process is going. I fear for you when you reach your 40’s, hell, even 30’s. Maybe you should start watching Murder She Wrote and Wheel of Fortune re-runs now and get a leg up on the 50 year olds.

  • Mike

    Pikadude, lol. This is great.

  • Mike

    I’m literally laughing out loud here at some of these. Pikachu on the left with a bunch on the right are awesome too. Pikachu-Gloom and Pikachu-Golbat have me rolling.

  • Kadabell likes singing!!!

    Golduck looks like… yellow Golduck!

    Polifable is… . weird…

    If you were curious, the number of combinations would be 78 x 78 = 6084


    (28 and haven’t played Pokemon since like 16)

  • Seth

    There are 12,168 combinations at the moment (6084 times 2 because it is different forwards and backwards). Thanks for posting this link!

  • Lys

    Well, I’ll be man enough to admit that I’m 22 and I still dabble in the pokemon games occasionally. Also, I have a vagina, so maybe this doesn’t apply to me at all…regardless, I hope I never get tired of the classic Nintendo games, including pokemon.

    Love this! Thanks so much for wasting half my day 🙂

  • grace

    my. god.

    this is AWSOME.
    the funniest one i’v found so far is… MANFAIRY! (mankey and clefairy)
    my life now has a reason

  • Durgon

    These are just AWFUL. These arn’t fusions, these are just awful thrown together crap jobs. If someone with actual sprite editing talent were to do this, it might actually be worth looking through, but just looking through 3 of them has just been terrible.

  • Simba

    I hope the other500 + pokemon are added soon. The fusions get stale pretty fast with just 78 pokemon.

  • Tess

    Those are absolutely hideous splices. The person who made these just recolored the pokemon and slapped on another pokemons face. I could make sooooo much better splices

  • Andrew

    @ Alexis

    lighten up! i’m 10 now, at the rate i’m at, i’ll like pkmn till im 25.
    Just because someone likes to make something to laugh at and enjoy about an old video game doesn’t mean you can go posting things like that. for all you know, he could hate pkmn and do this to laugh at them more. So grow up!!!!!

    P.S. im 10 and telling you something productive.


  • i love Machu! (machop and pikachu)

  • jaybird


  • Wolvine

    @Tess and Durgon

    I am a spriter, and though what you say is true, that many of them are not very professional or of good quality, I feel that this just makes them even more amusing. If you’re writing this off just because of the quality of them, you are idiots :3

    Have a good day.

  • i’m a new spriter,and i agree with Wolvine. if you dont like them then stay off this site.

  • ash is gay

    omg. kadarow is fucking awsome. kadabra on the left, spearow on the right

  • Niraku

    Its not that good,all it has it Kanto, WHERE IS HOEEN

  • you are retards

    if you really think this is any good you have a long way to go all he did was replace the face and change the color its rediculous it is untalanted and fucking stupid

  • -D-

    @ Alexis

    Just felt the need to post, I’m 23, I use Emulators and ROMs to play the old pokemon games yes red/blue/yellow/gold/silver/crystal/ect, get over it, its a hobby, I also take and remake the games if/as i see fit with the Advance map editor, now whats soo bad about a hobby like this? You my friend are a looser.

    btw, the splicing thing is a blast so what if its “Unprofessional”, dont like it click back in your browser..

  • Andrew

    Emulators? ROMs? try

  • ZaphodBeeblebrox

    @ Alexis


    I’m 30 years old and I play Pokémon, I play from Blue to Black… 2.

    I also play side games, Mystery dungeon is a rouge-like, Pokémon conquest an rpg-crossover, ne I am playing as we speak and enjoying ver much.

    20 year olds are always so cute in their “I’m (really) an adult now, I don’t like kidsstuff! herpa-derp!”

    it’s like a second-time 16-thing

  • ethemeakai

    can u guys stop being so dickish hell i’m 28 and i still play pokemon games yes even the new ones upto gen 5 and still watch the anime(WHICH IS DIFFERENT THAN A FUCKING CARTOON) and so far that site only has upto krabby which is pokemon number 98 in the pokedex giving u 19208 different possible combinations because 98*98=9604*2=19208

  • Psycodragons

    Hitmonchan’s face makes anything hilarious.

  • clayton

    well i saw someone did it with a Steelex…a 2nd Gen PKMN…how do you do it with more than just gen 1 PKMN

  • hi

    Recipe for the true top percentage: Rattata +………………………Magikarp
    Also, Do eggeccutor (Forgot the proper spelling)+ Geodude

  • clay