The Pokebra is Pushing It, Even for Me

It’s a common misconception here that my appreciation for Pokemon is actually a fetish, which I must reiterate is NOT the case. Your girlfriend dresses up in ONE Halloween costume and people get all sorts of crazy ideas.

So yeah, even I wouldn’t be sure what to say if a girl whipped her shirt off and had on the Pokebra underneath. I’d probably stand there transfixed, and then spontaneously break into the Pokerap and then request that she send out Boobachu and then hopefully by the end, Team Rocket would be blasting off again. Alright, I’m done before I take this to an even stranger place.

  • Josh

    If a girl took off her shirt and revealed that, I’d be even hotter for her. I mean… damn.

  • L4NkYb

    The implication that she might not mind hearing about the awesomeness Charizard is enough for me.

    What? Boobachu is evolving!

    Boobachu evolved into Paratits!

  • Bunnie Cast

    Hey, Can I Buy That? XD

  • Ugo Strange

    This…is just way too easy. XDDD You da man Paul !

  • Courtney

    I want one!!!!! =D

  • Kelly

    Where can I get one of these???

  • Kyu Kyu

    You can’t but these bras, a person made this. Go to the link for more information.

  • CamaroCam

    That last comment made lol so freaking hard!!!