The Physical Implausibilities of Pokemon


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Pokemon Week continues here on Unreality for no reason at all, leading up to my epic grand finale post Friday, which I promise will be worth the wait.

But first, today we have this infographic, which fact checks a few of the Pokedex entries for the most impressive Pokemon out there. Some can punch as hard a  bullet train, some are 10,000 years old and some have 2400 degree magma in their stomachs. The inevitable conclusion? Pokemon are hax. Of course they are.

Man I’ve been gone too long. Who the hell are these guys on the bottom? What the f*ck is Snorunt? Some kind of Native American spirit god?

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  • Paul Tassi

    ^you win

  • Drester

    In defense of Larvitar: A mountain of 20.000 feet is not large, it’s gigantic. In the Netherlands, a mountain of 500 feet is what we call a large mountain.

  • nemryn

    Magcargo is TWICE AS HOT AS THE SUN. WTF.

  • Nonanon

    well, just to defend Raticate, Rats are known to chew through concrete. Not biting right through it but if they chew on it long enough they can chip through it.

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  • Ash

    and pikachu can shot eletrecity from its cheeks! the only thing that is impressive is marcargo

  • Cunzy1 1

    At the trisk of this turning into some kind of wikipedia discussion page, aside from the implausability of being 10,000 years old what is the issue with Wartortle being 10,000 years old?

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  • Tom

    Snorunt: “the lowest temperature ever recorded on earth is -128 degrees F” … I work with liquid nitrogen every day, LIN is -320 degrees F. Whoever made this needs to check their facts.

  • manga

    you, sir, are an idiot. by “the lowest temperature ever recorded on earth is -128 degrees F” he meant in nature/outside.


    yup yup yup this is why I dont wish pokemon were real.