The Patron Saint of Hyrule


I wonder if someday, in like 10,000 years there will be religions spawned out of modern day pop culture. Like you know that one movie with Sean Connery, where after the apocalypse everyone started thinking the Wizard of Oz was like the new Bible?

I think the Legend of Zelda could be one of those things that could be greatly misinterpreted, especially if they find things like this lying around.

Zelda’s a good start, but with all the Star Wars crap in the world today, I figure that would be the stuff most prevalently found in archeological digs the future. “It appears 21st century humans believed in some sort of divine force that lives in everything. They worshiped a man called “Skywalker” and said he was to bring balance to this ‘force.’ A man called Vader used this force for evil, and the world was torn in two because of this conflict.”

Now I just feel like I’m having some sort of weird dream and I wrote it all down into a post.

  • Jas

    I think about these things all the time.. like I imagine that maybe 10-15,000 years from now, Harry Potter will be a christ like figure and will have spawned off a couple of religions.. or maybe people will believe that WE used to think of him as a god or something like we think about the greek mythology.. now maybe people did worship greek gods, but this harry potter thing doesn’t seem so unlikely to me…

    and imagine the travesty if twilight spawns off a religion too…

    The followers of both these religions will probably spend their time arguing telepathically about which religion is superior..

  • Jas

    Hey but if we go the idiocracy route [which seems almost too true].. i guess people won’t have enough time to speculate on these things, busy of course, thinking about balls and titties all day..

  • Jas

    And speaking on the previous perspective, with all the comics and superheroes we have, maybe they will become to the modern man of 12,000 AD what greek myths are to us.. and to think of it, people nearly do worship superheroes…

    ok, i think i’m going a little overboard, time to stop commenting..

  • Bobo

    You don’t even have to wait 10,000 years. There’s already a religion based on bad sci-fi books from the 50s: Scientology.

  • Pepe Veraz

    @Bobo you’re right man, haha

  • xXburekXx

    lol i always had the same thought, like we might be misenterpreting past things, see a rock and think its a knife when in reality it wasnt used, who knows