The Only Thing I Know


Is a life filled with video games really a life wasted? This guy seems to think so for the most part. This is an incredibly well-made video, and he does make a lot of good points, but I fundamentally disagree with many of his assertions, mainly that all gaming is the same, and the line between casual and addicting is blurred to an unrecognizable degree.

I have a much longer response to this, but I had to write it over at my other site here. Check it out and see if you agree with me.

  • DaSwa

    So pretentious and thats really a bad opinion.

    I play wow and what he said is not true. you can hit 80 in less than 48 hours. he just sucks.

  • dwayne

    He’s sure as hell not gonna make any new friends by saying all gamers are living “simulated lives of depression and loneliness.” Anytime you make a blanket statement like that, you’ve just shot your argument in the foot.

  • joe

    Yer site don’t work.

  • FrankenPC

    What’s he going to attack next? Bacon?

    Leave life’s essential vitamins and minerals alone!!!

  • FrankenPC

    RE: your follow up comment Paul, I look at it like this: Entertainment costs money. Some entertainment costs a lot, some is a steal. When I look at a decent RPG that lasts 40-60 hours and realize I only payed about 50$ for it. That equates to about a dollar/hour. You really can’t get prepackaged/interactive entertainment for less than that. Yes we all need to get out and hike and stuff. But, when it comes right down to it, gaming has the most bang for the buck.

  • Adam

    It is called self control, overindulgence in anything is a bad thing. He cannot sit there and say video games made him fat,friendless and divorced. He did that himself.

  • Maximus

    I think those who overindulge on video games could be doing the same thing with television, drinking, drugs, or any obsession. In my opinion value as well as truth is subjective, and the real imbalance and dysfunction comes from when you follow the whims of others too much, or allow your own truths and values to be under duress from the criticisms that come from others’.

  • Buddy Lee

    “It is called self control, overindulgence in anything is a bad thing. He cannot sit there and say video games made him fat,friendless and divorced. He did that himself.”

    <- this, everything in moderation. At least he makes a good point at the end, even if his arguement is indeed invalid.

  • oloy

    he forgets to say that videogames are fun – like movies – tv etc etc

  • nameless

    His error is the assumption that if he was NOT playing video games, he would actually avoid all those mistakes. In truth, he would simply waste his life doing something else no less senseless. This is a typical “buyer’s guilt” – you can never predict these things, only admit them post factum.

    And all that stuff about “real life” achievements being more important than “virtual life” ones, this is nothing more than a point of view. Who’s he to say that buying a bigger house should be more important for me than beating Mass Effect 2? I’m 24, I have a full time job, I rent an appartment with my girlfriend of 3 years, I own two consoles, I’m subscribed to WoW and I’m absolutely happy. So apparently it’s not the videogames to be blamed for a guy’s screwup, it’s the guy himself.

  • bill

    it’s easy to blame your depression and lack of motivation on video games, i doubt playing video games was the root cause of his obesity and lack of love for his wife. The truth is; even if video games didn’t exist you probably would’ve filled that void with something else, maybe spending to much time at work, or having an affair, or getting drunk and missing your kids baseball game. You pick your poison and video games are way tempting, it’s like reading a book, watching a movie, and playing with a toy at the same time, couldn’t be more addicting. I thought back in school all the time i wasted getting drunk and going to parties or even sitting around playing whatever video game non-stop for an entire weekend as a waste a time, but it wasn’t. What you grow up enjoying shapes who you are, sure you could be blindly in love with Mozart or something and become a grand master at piano, but no one would care, it probably won’t get you anywhere. Life is about enjoying it, the more you think about you stupid decisions, the more depressing it gets. Losing self-esteem by self attrition is not how you should remember you time. Alcoholics blame vodka, bum blame there families, i blame taco bell, and you blame video games. If it makes it better to compartmentalize your life and throwing the 8 hours a day you spend playing video games you could look at other depressing statistics: you spend a 3rd of your life sleeping, 24% in school, 10% eating, and so on. i’ve lost my point ages ago, get checked for depression, and you must’ve gotten some use out of all of that, i couldn’t make a video half a visually pleasing.