The Most Impressive Custom Racetrack Ever Built


I’m not going to pretend like I’ve ever played Trackmania Nations Forever, but it’s a game with cars and tracks and racing, and that’s really all you need to know.

This video shows perhaps the most insane custom built track I’ve ever seen. Yes, it would be impressive enough just watching it as is, but when you know that literally all the drive is doing is pressing forward the entire time, and the track is built around that, it becomes one of the most impressive feats of virtual engineering I’ve ever seen.

  • Limitus

    played a track like this, too.
    if you make even the slightest tip to one direction, the whole thing is unbeatable.

    i guess this vid’ll bring me to install tm again^^

  • Michael

    I’m so impressed by the portions of track the car would bump for less than a second in the air to rotate into a landing position. So cool!

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  • Good stuff

    This is 3d linerider on steroids.

  • Blump

    I love how the entire thing is flawless and he crashes through the end.

  • Funkadelic

    This track is awesome, I have it downloaded, and like limitus said, if you tip to one side, EVEN A LITTLE BIT, you’re done on this track.

    Great game, AMAZING track. I recommend you get this track if you have Trackmania united forever

  • Jimmy

    He doesn’t actually turn the car he only presses forward, nice build but no race track

  • Hypnos

    Thats crazy, it looks like this guys spent years on this track. Every time he needed to check a portion or correct something, he would have to start from the beginning. =| Wow, just wow.

  • JC

    Makes me dizzy.