The Most Badass the Mushroom Kingdom has Ever Looked


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So I’ve been posting a lot of stuff from DeviantArt lately because frankly, I’ve been finding a lot of cool shit, but this latest find is perhaps the greatest piece of work I’ve seen on the site to date.

I had seen the Mario and Luigi pictured here before,  but the artist (lastscionz) must have decided to go back and take it to a new level with the baddies and peach. Good lord, I never though Mario enemies could be so terrifying. Look at that Goomba. For reference THIS is what a Goomba is supposed to look like.

I wish there was someway I could blow this up into like a five foot tall poster, but I’ll have to be satisfied with ordering a print here.  Only a few left so hurry!

  • JZ

    Dammit that set up is familiar. I dont know if its a movie or a video game but there is another poster out there with the bad guy looming over the two heroes ready to throw down like that. I want to say double dragon or something … This is going to bug me.

  • JZ

    OK I think it was a cutscene in a NES Ninja Gaiden game. Now if google image search would hook me up …

  • Rich

    Mario looks as he’s on a propaganda poster for Mother Russia!
    Damn fine looking print though.

  • XenoIrish

    Deviant Art is fucking awesome.

  • Madison

    @ JZ

    What you’re talking about is definitely familiar. Maybe it was Jacquio in the NG games, but also, could it be M.Bison standing over Ryu and Ken? I can’t figure it out, either.

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  • Chris

    Where’s BONES?! :(

  • Don

    This is honestly a great art concept for a new game, just imagine playing a cel shaded game where everything is bad ass. wont happen though.

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  • alex

    diablo, thats where it looks familiar

  • Gabrielle

    Ask him if he can make it print.

  • bearmon

    I like it. It is awesome and better drawing I ever seen. Yoshi is so cute! And those two mario n luigi looks great.

  • Sarah O.

    If you think Mario is badass here (I love this artist, I follow him on DA) then you need to check out ‘There Will Be Brawl’ over on Escapist. Quite possibly THE most epic web series I have EVER seen. You should watch and do a review. It’s epic getting to see all those old Nintendo characters slammed together in such a gritty decaying world.

  • James

    have you made this into phones yet?

  • Christiaan
  • Wes


    If I was a producer, I would have the artist start making a movie!

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  • Alex

    This is Super Mario Bros. as an RPG.

  • http://unrealityGoogle Bridget Kintz

    This an awesome poster and site. That should be a great movie,too!!