The Mario Avengers

(click for full size)

What’s that? A new piece of fantastic crossover art? Well, sign me up! There are few things that can’t be combined in popular culture, so it should be no surprise that someone talented decided to mashup Mario and The Avengers at some point.

Fortunately for him, Wario and Waluigi joined his team in its fight against Bowser, despite their former hatred of him. I think Toad has to be my favorite with the shield on his head. And hey Daisy, how you doin?

Artist is Jay Phrenix and you can see more of his work here.

  • Mr. Right

    Gee, an Avengers cross-over. How original.

    I take it next is Mario Little Pony: Jumping is Magic?

  • Lane Horsley

    Nintendo avengers (Have nintendo people in the fight)

  • Anaxim

    I think that Pepper Potts has no room in this mashup. No matter that she hardly appears in the movie, but she isn’t relevant to the Avengers anyway. Oh, and the piece is missing Nick Fury!