The Lost Island Easter Egg In Just Cause 2


I don’t mean a “lost island” like it’s pretty hard to find, I mean that the dev team from Just Cause 2 literally put in the island from Lost in the game, that causes your plane to crash when you get near it.

That would be cool enough as is, but hunting around the island itself will lead to the discovery of the hatch from the show. Sadly, beam of light and John Locke are sold separately.

I’ve no idea what this game is, or why this guy can parachute after jumping around on the ground, but it is one of the cooler easter eggs I’ve seen in a game. Check it out, and skip to the end after the plane crash for the hatch.

  • Holy crap that is awesome. I’m going to have to give this a try when I get home.

    Also for the record Just Cause 2 is kind of a GTA sandbox game. You can do completely absurd things like shoot at pursuing police officers from the roof of a speeding car and hijack a helicopter or plane in mid air. It doesn’t great story or anything but it can be insanely fun, and the game world is kind of ridiculously large.

  • Troopershades

    400 sq miles of pure destructive bliss… Im almost done downloading it…cant wait to play….

  • sfR

    The demo for this is on xbox live. After trying it, I’m really considering to get this game 🙂

  • Justice234

    im going to defintly get to the island when i get home