The Lost City of Pokemon

It’s amazing to me that this long after Pokemon has been released (the originals), people are still discovering new insane things about it. I though MISSINGNO was crazy enough, but this game has more urban legends and true mysteries to uncover than I think any other.

This graphic shows players how to get to “glitch city,” a secret and creepy part of the map. No, it might not help you level up all your Pokemon to 100, but it’s one of those mysteries you can’t help but wanting to explore.  Like that far away army base on the dam level of Goldenye. You just want to figure out a way to GO there.

Glitch city is complicated to get to, but redditor JpDeathBlade has the guide to get you there below. Try it for yourself if you’re feeling brave.

  • Tyrone

    This isn’t new! I remember doing this at least 5 years ago. I went on a glitch adventure one day and tried to do all of them. Pretty sure most of them work and the ones that didn’t I was prob doing them wrong.

  • Mortecouille

    I can’t believe I never heard of that one!

  • Jakkobok

    Yeah, this isn’t recent. I was doing this ages ago.

  • hey guys pokemon is cool 😀 ha ha ha

  • baab

    five years? at least 12 years for me…