The Legend of Hipsters

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Link’s seen a lot of makeovers over the years, but never one quite as douchey as this. Artist Dan Jones decided to try and make the Zelda crew as hip as he possibly could, causing them to ascribe to all the worst trends of counter culture, which has ironically, become it’s own culture.

It’s hard to pick out who the worst offender of the bunch is, but if I had to, I must say that Ganondorf has an offensively deep V going on, and I’m just about done with people wearing Converse All Stars.

Look closely and you’ll see Lon Lon PBR Milk and some Hyrulian Spirit cigarettes lurking in the background.

  • J5

    Ganon is by far the worst, simply because of the deep V with the scarf. I would beat him down with a 6 pack of PBR if I could.

  • Phat Daddi

    I disagree; I think Link is the worst. I mean, what dude wears capri pants and slippers? Come on!

  • itsbinkl182

    Thanks. I just got off of Imgur to try to escape the ruining of my childhood. And i find this. Oh, and they forgot to pain Zelda’s toe nails a ‘different’ color.