The Inner Workings of a Bob-omb

UPDATE: Just learned after 15 years of playing Mario games that it’s “Bob-omb” not “Bomb-omb.”

This has to be from the same guy who did the Blue Shell t-shirt a while back, but even if it’s not, Justin Rampage has created something pretty damn cool here.

You thought a Bomb-Omb was just a metal ball filled with gunpowder? Wrong. The eyes and feet require far more complex machinery, and this is our first real look inside one. Or at least what we’d imagine it to look like.

Out of all the Mario enemies, I liked these guys the most. More often than not they actually helped you, as you could throw them into other enemies and turn them into dust. Nevermind, I forgot about Koopa Shell surfing in Mario 64. THAT was the best thing ever.

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