The Haunting of Majora’s Mask Continues


Yesterday, I shared with you a tale of horror and video games, about a young 4chan troll who stumbled upon a haunted copy of Majora’s Mask. I thought the tale was over, but alas it is not, and today we find another YouTube video titled DROWNED.wmv that has even more twisted weirdness from the game.

This is accompanied by only two more paragraphs from author Jadusable, who is going a little bit over the top with the whole charade, as I’m assuming this is building to some sort of climax where this dead kid wearing Majora’s Mask climbs out of his TV and beats him to death with an Ocarina. If you want to see what he actually says about the footage, click through the YouTube video and read the description, but in my opinion, it actually kind of kills the mood as he’s getting a bit carried away with things.

The latter half of the video especially is pretty damn creepy, I have to admit, and this Ben statue character that’s constantly showing up weird me out.

Oh, and for any smart people out there, any time jumbled letters appear on the screen as text, pause them and try to unscramble them as they have spelled out things in past videos. In BEN.wmv (a previous video), the letters spelled out “a reanimate ignites thou” referencing something that happened at the end of the day4.wmv.

There appears to be one final video left to go, link.wmv, and I’m gone all weekend, so I will have to wait and see how the story ends and share it with you.


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