The Guild – I’m the One That’s Cool


It seems with almost every new season, The Guild comes out with another awesome music video to accompany it. I still think nothing will top Date My Avatar, but this new song is rather cool. The lyrics make it practically an Avril Lavigne/Taylor Swift track, as it relates to high school and popularity, but I think it makes a large point about what it means to be a “dork,” “nerd,” or “geek” these days.

Geeks, quite simply, rule the world. They have the highest paying jobs, work in the most cutting edge industries and their hobbies (gaming, etc) are now completely ingrained in mainstream culture. And there’s not really a jock/nerd distinction as you get older the way there might have been in high school. Turns out you can play basketball AND Skyrim in your free time, and no one gives a shit.

Anyway, I think it’s kind of a cool message, and I’d hate to be the guy who picked on Felicia Day back in high school.


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