The Greatest Super Smash Bros. Match of All Time


I’ve brought you probably far too many professional Starcraft matches over the past few months, so today I thought I’d change things up with an installment of a different type of pro match. It’s hardcore Super Smash Bros. Melee, though I will say it’s the original 64 edition that’s my favorite game of all time. This video takes things to a skill level I never even thought was possible.

This isn’t even a final, it’s a losers match, but it turns into perhaps one of the craziest Smash Bros. games that’s ever been recorded. Please ignore the idiots screaming obscenities during the video, but honestly I probably would have done the same if I was there to witness it, as it is quite epic.

  • That’s not the original 64 version, it’s the Gamecube one (Suepr Smash Bros Melee), which, yes, is better than the Wii version in some things (like Falco).

    There was a biig difference between the N64 and the Gamecube one.

  • Lt. Brannigan

    Mostly less square looking characters.

  • Guy Incognito

    That was a hell of a comeback. And also yes that is the Gamecube version. Neither of those characters was in the N64 game.

  • Sorry that was worded weird, I was just saying I know this is Melee, but the 64 version is my favorite.

  • Limitus

    k, but it’s not THAT great of a match… my buddy an me pulled off way better and thrilling fights…
    but granted, the finishing blow is very nice!

  • cenaris

    That’s gotta be tool assisted. Noone can play Smash Bros that quickly.

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