The Greatest Racing Shortcut of All Time

Yeah we missed one thing in my giant ’90s nostalgia post yesterday, but it was in GIF form so it didn’t really fit.

Behold the greatest shortcut ever, one that you tried to pull off a million times so you could blow your buddies away when they came over.

I don’t think this was purposefully put into the game, as most of the other shortcuts are pretty damn straight forward like giant ramps leading to giant holes in cliffs. Another good one from this game was the Wario Stadium one where you could jump the wall twice and do five second laps.

  • Drester

    Haha funny, I dusted of my N64 to play Mariokart an Goldeneye a few days ago. I really hate the Wario stadium, you really don’t want to ride first in that race. I can’t even count the times that I’ve been shot just as I was at the and of the big ramp.