The Gorgeous World of Skyrim as Seen Through Screenshots

Everyone knows that Skyrim looks amazing, but not everyone can experience that to its maximum extent. Either they’re playing on a console (like me) or their  PC doesn’t have the jet engine inside of it that is needed to run the game on maximum settings. The game might look good, but it’s not as incredible as it could be.

That’s where Dead End Thrills comes in, my new favorite site and one I’ll be featuring fairly frequently now that I’ve discovered it. Their specialty is finding hi-res images of various environments in new games, and posting them as wallpaper sized images for us to enjoy. They’re interesting looks at our favorite games that we probably wouldn’t have stopped to notice otherwise. I guess I would classify it as sort of “video game photography” in a way, as graphics are getting so good, such a concept is worth pursuing.

Obviously no game could better showcase this style of photographic art than Skyrim, as practically everywhere you go and everything you see is breathtaking with the graphics turned all the way up. Enjoy the gallery below, and click on any of the pictures to blow them up.

More gorgeous shots on the next page.

  • thenottakenname

    Makes me think of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series… where one of the aliens that created the planet took his time in the fjord’s to make them perfect. Was somebody else standing in those spots, creating these beautiful landscapes, in the hopes that someone else would see them and find the beauty in them as well?

  • Limitus

    this game is just visual porn…
    everywhere you look theres something new and beatiful to discover. its plain awesome!

  • yorkinator

    They have Hot Pursuit pics on the site? I’m in. Beautiful game.

  • Skeebo

    Dead End Thrills is a fantastic site.

  • Blitzker

    I may be the onlly one to disagree. Skyrim looks quite ugly. Sure the landscapes are beautiful, but the textures are really ugly.