The Glory of Skyward Sword

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Yup, that’s a long image alright, but damn, is it a cool one. It’s from artist Larry D. Warren Jr. who as you can see, is incredibly talented. I have to imagine he works in the industry in some regard.

This is his tribute to the most recent Zelda game, Skyward Sword. It’s one I haven’t played because I managed to resist buying a Wii for six years. Everyone I knew had one, so I played all the games, up until about three years ago when people stopped playing the system altogether. But Skyward Sword is supposed to be the one bright spot for the Wii in a long time.

What can I learn about it from this picture? Zelda is rocking out with a new instrument, a harp. Gorons are now professional wrestlers. Link has a new sidekick that’s some sort of ghost ballerina. Yep, that about covers it.

  • TotesMcGotes

    Skyward Sword is a great game,but it’s probably the worst 3D Zelda. Like I said,still great,but the second half made it a bit underwhelming for a game that spent 5 years in development. Also,lack of a better overworld and variety of enemies. And Fi and her obvious tips all the time.

    It may sound like I hate the game,but most of the dungeons are wonderful,the motion-based sword controls and aim is great,the story is more involving than the rest of Zelda games (except MM),it has a lot optional item upgrading and collectables,which is something I really hope they expand in the next games,and a very good soundtrack. So,yeah,it has a lot of shortcomings,but it’s still well worth playing. It is Zelda,after all.

  • Vonter

    I agree with the above comment, mainly Skyward has great moments but throughout the game the pace drags because of several game design decisions, from the constant handholding of the sidekick character to the need to backtrack SEVERAL times to three main areas. I get why Nintendo meant of making the whole game like a big dungeon which works in favor of more complex and challenging puzzles as well as more in-depth sword combats.

  • Totes McGotes got it right. I think it’s the only Zelda that has gotten me to the verge of crying… but just once. The story/place exploration is so linear. You don’t feel like you are exploring a great world; you feel like going through level 1, level 2, level 3….

    Very very fun to play due to the motion controls. Some GREAT orchestrated songs, some awful midis. Nice surprises at every corner.

    It’s a game you should play, but I still think Okami is a better Zelda than Skyward Sword.

  • Oh, and remember how cool it was that there were no loading screens when arriving to an island in Wind Waker, and how you could “enter” the island from any point? Well, imagine if you could do that in flying islands when flying. Just imagine it, because you can’t. SS works like Phantom Hourglass in that aspect.