The Gamer’s Alphabet: A Children’s Book

The Gamer’s Alphabet is an art project undertaken by Penny Arcade forum member El Jeffe. The dedication implies he made it for some kind of young relative, who is not yet old enough to get any of these references.

The cover is below, and I’ve posted each of the alphabet pages below. I have to wonder, will kids understand any classic franchises at all that don’t stick around forever like Mario Bros? Will they even understand how to play something as rudimentary as an 8-bit game?

I guess I’ll find out when I force my not-yet-conceived three year old to play NES in a few years.

  • Grant

    I’ll take one!

  • sam

    did anyone else read this in Ashley Burch’s voice? still remember the alphabet she did in once upon a pixel.

  • Captain Awesome

    nicely made! But clever and fever doesn’t rhyme with each other 😛

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  • Narv

    the word is ‘renowned’

  • Captain Grammar

    “Fever” and “clever” do, in fact, rhyme.

  • Graham

    you spelled the word for E wrong… it’s Echo, not Ecco