The Fictional Mass Effect Hoodie Line That Absolutely Should Exist

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The extent that Bioware seems to want to go with their Mass Effect licensing is a black hoodie or jacket with a red and white stripe and “N7” slapped on the chest. But they fail to realize there’s way more potential for products than they’re producing.

Artist Lupo DiRosso came up with this series of hoodie concepts that represents almost every supporting character in the game. From Asari to Krogan to Salarian to Human, each of these hoodies are unmistakable when it comes to which character they represent.

DiRosso has sent Bioware an email, hoping these could someday become a reality, but who knows if they will. Granted, not all of them probably need to be made (uh, Samara boobs?), but a Tali hoodie? A Mordin one? A number of these are too awesome NOT to be produced.

  • HarshReality79

    I really hope the Liara/Samara ones only come in female sizes and not above a XL.

  • sirgregory

    Would that be “Biowear” then?

  • MattChi

    The Tali one is out-of-control awesome.

  • banditone

    I kinda wish I played this game….

  • Nana

    My son would be thrilled to own some of these, heck most of these, LOL.

    (BTW, you were looking for “extent”, not “extend” in the first sentence.)

  • Kandice

    My favorites are Kasumi and Tali’s. I don’t know if I’m a fan of the fake boobs on Liara and Samara’s sweaters, though. If I was a dude, I’d totally rock Thane’s or Wrex’s.

  • matt

    i would love to rock that legion hoodie

  • They already do a commander shepherd one in their store. I wouldn’t dare wear something like in public, as it looks like something a child would wear.

    I actually like the simple N7 ones they have. It’s a way of showing you like the game (and happy to broadcast it) without looking like you are engaging in cosplay.

  • truant

    i would totally rock the Mordin one. why does this not exist already?

  • I want a James hoodie with a faux flattop on it!

  • command shepard

    where my n7 armor at yo?