The Evolution of Video Game Music via Mario Paint


I think there’s a special kind of heaven for people with completely useless talents that delight us all. Sure, spending thirty hours composing a ten minute melody of video game music using Mario Paint might not seem like a “good” use of time for the average person, but I’ll be damned if I’m not glad this guy did it, and now I’m happy to share all his hard work with you.

It’s not really an “evolution” per se, as it just evolves from NES to SNES, but it’s cool anyways. I’d like to see him adapt newer tracks though, as I’m curious as to what the Halo theme would sound like in Mario Paint format.

But hey, guess what! You could be the next great Mario Paint maestro! How? There’s a website that lets you download a Mario Paint emulator for free, which is what this guy used to make this video. If any of you have a crap ton of time on your hands, make me my Halo theme, send it to me, and I’ll feature it here.


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