The Evolution of Classic Video Games

Ah yes, the glory days of Nintendo and if you move back even further, Atari.   You see back then video games seemed better to me.  But I know it’s only because I was younger then and the graphics and game controls really didn’t matter as much.   Hell I know growing up in today’s video game land would be way better but things simply are they way they are.  I won’t fight it.

In any event though, it’s still pretty awesome to look at how some classic games have evolved over the years.   You’ll thoroughly enjoy this gallery of screen shots from original games to what they appear like today.

Check out the pics (all enlargable) after the jump…..

  • Julian

    Is Mega Man supposed to be the Punchline or something?
    I don’t see any difference

  • Emanon


    They recently made Mega Man 9 and 10. Brand new games but in the design style of the older Mega Man games. The one on the right is one of the two new games, but it just happens to look exactly like the old ones.

  • ash

    lol @ Megaman

  • Tim W.

    Ahh GTA, first game I ever bootlegged. Hey, remember Warez sites?

  • embercoral


  • The King

    You didn’t include Madden. : P

  • Gaitsnipe

    “Wait the Megaman has no difference.”