The Epic Untold Tragedy of Pokemon


Whoa. Who knew all this time we were actually the villain of the story? An interesting piece of fiction, but one I’m going to pretend is true on my next Pokemon playthrough, as it makes things that much more interesting.

What do you mean 22 year olds still shouldn’t be playing Pokemon?

  • that guy

    could his pokemon come back as a ghost?

  • theButterFly

    Don’t feel bad Paul, the easily 45 year old doorman at my friend’s building can be found playing Pokemon on his DS every night. Looks like you got a lot of time left to “catch ’em all”!

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  • RUSerious?

    Holy crap.

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  • Bynx

    … I suddenly feel really dirty.

  • NY not NYC

    I’m such a jerk. I was always happy to romp on the ‘rival’. I thought he deserved it.

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  • Akktri

    This image hurts my eyes with its tiny text. I like to put websites with long text into a text reader so I don’t have to deal with so much eyestrain, but you can’t highlight text in a gif or jpg image.

  • Doc Brimley

    At least he gets to be a Gym Leader in Gold/Silver.