The Douchiest Move Ever in Fallout: New Vegas


Alright so perhaps “douchiest” is a bit of an understatement with what you’re about to see in this video, as “malicious” might be more appropriate, but whatever. It’s a pretty funny prank that makes you actually wish you had upgraded your sneak skill for a change. The most impressive part of this video is when he screams AFTER uh, something happens to him. Doesn’t quite seem like that would work.

I’ve decided I’m not getting New Vegas. Partially because I’m pissed I just dropped $60 on the shit-tastic Fable 3, and partially because I hear it’s just more Fallout 3. And I got really bored of Fallout 3 after a while. I’ll probably pick it up when the price drops to like $20 in a year or so. The only other game coming out soon I’m REMOTELY considering getting is Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, but even that I’m not sure if it’s worth $60 for what seems to be a large amount of AC2 DLC.


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