The Douchiest Move Ever in Fallout: New Vegas


Alright so perhaps “douchiest” is a bit of an understatement with what you’re about to see in this video, as “malicious” might be more appropriate, but whatever. It’s a pretty funny prank that makes you actually wish you had upgraded your sneak skill for a change. The most impressive part of this video is when he screams AFTER uh, something happens to him. Doesn’t quite seem like that would work.

I’ve decided I’m not getting New Vegas. Partially because I’m pissed I just dropped $60 on the shit-tastic Fable 3, and partially because I hear it’s just more Fallout 3. And I got really bored of Fallout 3 after a while. I’ll probably pick it up when the price drops to like $20 in a year or so. The only other game coming out soon I’m REMOTELY considering getting is Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, but even that I’m not sure if it’s worth $60 for what seems to be a large amount of AC2 DLC.

  • Bandit

    Every time I think I want to go get New Vegas I remember that there is still some DLC out for FO3 that I haven’t played yet. Much cheaper way to go.

  • My husband just got FNV and he loves it. I guess they have made some improvements to the travel system and how you can manage your inventory. As a passive observer, it seems there are some interesting storylines and quests to be had. However, I will say it’s still pretty buggy and needs some serious patching before I would recommend getting it.

  • sam

    I’d say if you get it, get it on PC. the only downside is the rumors DLC isn’t coming to PC, but i’m sure that will change, plus a lot of bugs are being fixed by the community through mods. Day one modding SDK ftw!

  • coolman

    I never finished Fallout 3 because I got bored with it, and I can’t put down New Vegas. It has improved mechanics, doesn’t really hold your hand as much, and the writing is way ahead of FO3. The Obsidian team that made this is headed by one of the lead designers of Fallout 1/2 as well as others on the team that are from Black Isle and it really shows. Gamebryo is still a pretty shitty engine, but I was really pleasantly surprised by this game

  • coolman

    and no, I am not getting payed to say this, just really like the game.

  • NY not NYC

    New Vegas is pretty cool. FO3 was pretty ‘meh’.

    I’m about level 20, I can kill anything with a sneak crit headshot, and I’m still enjoying just knocking out quests and doing said sneak crit headshot.

    FO3, I feel, had little exploration. I remember just wandering west at the start, then happening upon the main story line quest and my first playthrough had half the game cut out. If you didn’t go A to B to C you usually ended up breaking the system.

    NV is linear to start, but really opens up just when it starts to become this then the next step. Sort of like FF13, only not retardedly so.

    All that being said; who in their right minds even pays for PC games anymore? Shell out $60? What planet do you live on?

  • Ben

    Whoa, so you aren’t getting Black Ops? Why not? I know MW2 got annoying after a while, but still, don’t you think it looks better?

  • I’d seriously consider AC2 Brotherhood. Even if you’re like me and don’t care for most multiplayer, the multiplayer in that games look VERY fun, just because it’s so different. As a single-player lover, I’m planning on spending some time on that multiplayer even if just for a little while, and that’s worth any additional cost over it just being an expansion, imho.

  • puhi

    Brotherhood is NOT just an expansion. 20-50 hrs SP campaign.

  • jb

    I disagree abt ac2 Brotherhood – AC2 was an almost *perfect* platform. If they just added new storyline I’m fine if they didn’t change *any* game mechanics.

    Did you play through the AC2 game, Paul? Since I beat it like a year ago I have been waiting for the new one with baited breath. It looks awesome, and while I do usually get games through *ahem* unscrupulous means, AC2: Brotherhood is a game I will buy.