The Definitive Sexy Pikachu Picture Gallery


Look, this was not the post I intended to write. I never in any way, shape or form have wondered what Pikachu would look like as a hot girl. As it so happened, I was doing research for another article, when I stumbled upon an usual amount of sexy Pikachu pictures, a phrase that I was pretty sure couldn’t even exist. Oh, but it can.

I decided to see how deep the rabbit hole went, so I scrounged around for a while and now I think I can safely say that this is the sexiest collection of Pikachu pictures on the internet. I think I’m about to cry, I’m so proud of what I’ve accompl ished.
















And now I walk away, and never look back….

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  • Dorkus Malorkus

    Well, they are all girls, anyway….the sexy part could be disputed. But I do commend your efforts.

  • ian

    If this sexy picachu trend continues, it is really going to be hard for me to keep any semen in my balls.

  • I see a yoga dvd with these costumes!

  • I am sorry maybe 1 out of all those girls would might be considered Sexy. Also the drawings are not sexy at all they are drawings. Sorry but big Fail!

  • AoE

    Sexy?! Um… you sir need to spend less time on the internet and more time among real people, especially females.

  • Animefan

    The second picture is of Ippongi Bang, taken at Project Akon in 1996.

  • Shulgin

    You usually see them under the influence of MDMA at raves

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  • John Smith 3000

    Hi, I found out about this website after a friend of mine told me they found a pic of my girlfriend on it. You won’t believe how surprised I was. You shouldn’t use people’s photos without asking them. Especially when people can comment on whether they are “sexy” or not. I think that is really degrading and unfair. Where did you get the pictures from anyway?? I’d appreciate it if you would remove the picture ASAP. Thankyou. It is the image called pika15.jpg

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  • Since you help kerplode my pants I’m gonna post and link to you guys tomorrow. OMG.. IT’S EVERYWHERE!!!


  • ssonicblue


  • The asian girl is with me 🙂 Now you just gotta guess which asian girl XD

  • Anonymous

    19, 12, 7, 4, 1, 17.
    In that order.

  • Ciddan

    I’m telling you, if you look for it – there’s bound to be pikachu cosplay porn somewhere out there.

  • john2

    John Smith 3000, I agree with you, you need your ugly ass girlfriend removed from this site asap!

  • I likey 😀

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  • Lolz at JohnSmith3000. What a prick.

    Tough luck your ‘missus’ is the worst of the bunch.

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  • JohnSmithWasAMormon

    I agree John Smith, you have the ugliest girl on this site – I think this would be much more the “definitive sexy pikachu picture gallery” if we take her down. thanks for thinking about us buddy.

  • vandriff

    wow john smith. way to go and draw more attention to a picture that you wanted to be removed. now youve added insult to injury and opened the door to anonymous dragging your gf through the dirt.

    how about trying to contact the site admin or the writer first next time if you really are concerned.

    oh and if the picture was taken in public, well then you cant really do shit about it can you? just go to your local grocery store and look at all the pictures next to the checkout line that im sure a lot of celebrities are just fighting (or not) to get out of those tabloids.

    good luck with your fail mate!

  • Fenris

    Good God, look at the troll in the pika15 pic! Is that really a chick? Why in the world would someone snap a photo of a transvestite in a pikachoo costume?!?!?

  • deme

    Second to last all the way.

  • horden

    Jail bait!

  • Caroline

    I really hope you added those cartoon drawings in as fluff to make your gallery bigger. If cartoons get you off then You’re probably the kind of guy who can’t get it up in RL.

  • bombermidget

    no crap caroline…this gallery is obviously for guys who get off on cartoons, hence the elaborate cartoon battle monster costumes and such

  • ehh… attractive.

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  • Cosplaybuff

    Actually the drawing was of a cosplayer by the name of Elf Eater (Christina Lawson). If you google her you might be able to find some of her pictures while she was wearing that outfit. Usagichan did it as fan art of her.

  • Sr. Fuckalot

    WOW!!! som of these chicks are REALY HOT and some these chicks are REALY FUGLY!

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  • CosplayFetish

    Is that a fetus tattoo on the girl in the top pic? My favorite is pika12 _< my curiosity got me to searching for all kinds of others at different conventions and stuff. Wtf is wrong with me i seemed to have developed a fetish for cosplay girls.

  • CosplayFetish

    Is that a fetus tattoo on the girl in the top pic? My favorite is pika12 but i guess its that im biased for cute little asian girls

    I’ve found some others while browsing.. not necessarily sexy but cute.. and at the same time not as incredibly unsexy as some of the ones you have posted lol. pick better pics bro!

    and thanks for compiling this paul.. and making me take on a whole new view on pokemon costumes -__- my curiosity got me to searching for all kinds of others at different conventions and stuff. Wtf is wrong with me i seemed to have developed a fetish for cosplay girls.

  • Wooow Greaat ….:)

  • ?????

    The last one is the best, most definitely.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe you don’t have jessica nigri! she DEFINES sexy pikachu…

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  • some of them are just nasty….tmi(to much info) and some of them are cute costumes

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  • tadden

    Hot girls + cool pokemon costumes = HOME RUN. I found more sexy babes dressing up in Pokemon costumes guys. Check these out

  • no one important

    i dont like cosplaying or furry cosplaying. but this girls are real cute, most o them

  • Grace Victoria Hitchman

    I wouldn’t use the word “sexy” to describe most of these, but they certainly are cute.