The Definition of Cool Under Pressure

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I’ve had some harsh words to say about Fallout: New Vegas over the past few days, but I know the game isn’t without it’s finer moments.

One of the best captures I’ve seen from the game so far has to be this one, in which a character smokes a cigarette while a parade of monsters are a split second away from tearing his head completely off. Thank god for time-freezing VATS huh? He can cap all these bitches and finish his smoke no problem.

I am going to buy New Vegas someday, but I’m going to wait until Gamestop has a used copy for $30. I just can’t justify paying $60 for another Fallout 3 expansion pack.

  • Jake

    No amount of VATS can take out seven deathclaws without a small army to back you up. Those things are insane.

    Boone is dead, literally, 2 seconds after that screenshot.

  • Skeebo

    Hell, the way things are these days, wait a year and buy it with all of the attached DLC.

  • Jeff

    Seven Alpha Male Deathclaws? Seven?! Something don’t seem right. I’ve never seen more than one Alpha, and one Mother in one place.
    But yeah… No amount of VATS would save that guy. Time to load from last save.

  • Aled

    You could probably do them all in one shot with Euclid’s C-Finder.

    Wtf, I can never get Boone to smoke. SS is totally modded

  • kuros

    If it was anyone other than Boone, ya, dead before you could even get into VATS. but Boone, He’s a bit of a bad-ass.
    (Seriously, that guy is way over powered.) Based on my experience, Boone could probably take them out with a single shot each.

  • Lubz

    Paul you do a great job with this site but your characterization of New Vegas as an expansion pack…its wrong. Especially when you equate NV to DLC like OA or Mothership Zeta. Those are expansion packs. They take the existing game and add content.

    New Vegas does add content. The companion system is revamped. They added backstory to companions and increased your interaction with them. Rather than just being combat assistants there is more to them than in FO3.

    The crafting system is entirely new. Not just in creating chems but in modding weapons. In fact that was one of the 5 gripes in the Breaking Down of FO3.

    An expansion pack for a game generally does not equal the same amount of time you put into the original game. New Vegas when you play it out fully and explore all areas, fulfill all quests not just the base ones is just as long if not longer than base FO3.

    I understand it seems like an expansion pack because it uses the same system and the gameplay is extremely similar. But they added content, they brought in tons of name talent for the voice acting, the story is entirely independent of FO3 except for EDE-E coming from a FO3 DLC base….FO:NV is as much an expansion pack as any game that used a pre-existing engine but delivered a totally new game with a totally new story.

  • Lubz

    And I should also add that DLC/expansion packs do not use an entirely new staff. I’m sure Obsidian had some Bethesda folk to help them out with the engine but this was a project that was basically independent of the original game. And when you add in the fact that the people being FO:NV are more spiritually in line with the original FO games….well your continued characterization of FO:NV as an expansion is bothersome. As someone who has chosen a career in covering this media environment you should be able to differentiate between an expansion pack and a game that uses an existing engine and made the gaming experience better.

  • Lubz

    One final point…sorry but this is a topic that is on my mind and when I get something stuck in my head I have a hard time dropping it. Your main point of contention seems to be spending the cost of a new game for what you perceive as an expansion. Expansions typically employ those who were involved in the original publication. Those employees would already be familiar with the engine and would be far more productive than someone coming in fresh. Obsidian came in fresh and not only created an entirely new game but added some key features, some of which (as I already pointed out) your website already pointed out as flaws.

    Like I previously said FO:NV did not employ those people. They had to learn how to use a new engine and adapt it to what they wanted to do. They created their game using a staff that was in no way involved in creating FO:3. Again I want to use my metaphor of a developer using someone elses engine and crafting their own creation from it. The only difference in this case is the end product happens to be from the same universe as that which the engine was first created.

  • I appreciate the effort you’ve put into your well-reasoned counterpoint. I have been a bit hard on the game, and I understand it is “new” in a lot of ways, and I’m sure it is a decent amount of fun. I will most definitely play it at some point, but I’d rather rent or wait until the price drops as I just wasted $60 on ****ing Fable 3.

  • Kevin

    The game has its flaws, but like Lubz says it is substantially more than a pack of DLC. Most of the flaws are bugs, so while I would recommend maybe waiting a bit if that bothers you, its no reason to buy it used and give all your money to that glorified pawn shop instead of the developers.

    My advice? Wait for a Steam Sale (if you have the machine to run it on PC). Fallout 3 became a lot of fun when you could mess with console commands (this screenshot is an example, most likely the player added in the Deathclaw Alphas). I’m not saying spend $60 on it, but it’s not bad enough to justify the Gamestop pawn shop treatment.

    By the way I feel bad for you for buying Fable 3 at full price, but honestly what did you expect from Peter Molyneaux? He thought his last game would revolutionize the industry because he added a puppy.

  • Aled

    I’ve put almost 70 hours into it since it came out, and still not even probably half way done. But that’s just me and my OCD trying to do everything in the game the first play through. Still, definitely worth the money and they patched the game almost immediately when ppl reported bugs @ launch. No 6 hour campaign, thanks for the money BS like MOH and Fable 3.

    Also just realized the character in the screenshot cannot be Boone; he has a Pip-Boy on.

  • UHR

    Every ‘new’ feature in NV is something stolen from a mod for either Oblivion or FO3. The crafting, digging up graves, ‘hardcore’ mode; it’s like they can’t come up with their own damn ideas. Definitely not worth the price tag unless you’ve never touched 3.

  • Just get Vanquish and watch the cutscene before the last boss. Bosses. Pair of bastards in armors. That is cool under pressure.
    Played the game set on hard. Lost that fight 140 times before winning (You win, you feel good about yourself, then the game tells you how many times it killed you)…
    And no matter what the reviews say, on hard, the game is not too short at all.

  • That’s not Boone. Boone doesn’t have a pipboy, and his glasses aren’t as dark.

    Other than that, it’s a pretty epic picture.