The Dark Gamer Alphabet

1 - ZSF8syc

It’s entirely possible I may have featured this years ago, but I couldn’t find it in the archives, so here we are. It’s an alphabet rundown from artist Brentalfloss, which explores the darker side of many video games.

If you’re upset about #1, I’m sorry but the statute of limitations on spoilers is ten years. FFVII was 1997, so we’re coming up on nearly twenty now.

The entire collection is thoroughly awesome, and I most definitely have PTSD thinking about Sonic drowning in Genesis games. 

2 - 56RovMp

3 - KywNQ2e

4 - w3TJTdH

5 - 10tuCUx

6 - 7do5jJB

  • Robert Dean

    Does the statute of limitations for spoilers apply to Game of Thrones in regard to the books? I wouldn’t think so, though some fans would…

    • Paul

      Mmmmm that’s a unique case.