The Cutting Edge of 1995

For as often as we complain about the video games that are out now (and that’s very often, if you spend any time on the internet), sometimes we need to look back on how far we’ve come.

This gaming magazine (from back when Game Informer didn’t own the entire market) shows what the “cutting edge” looked like in 1995. If we saw her today, we’d laugh her all the way back to the virtual goth-punk hole she crawled out of, but at the time? It really was quite revolutionary.

1995 saw the release of Dark Forces, Command and Conquer, Warcraft II and Mortal Kombat 3. Search your memory and the internet and you’ll find those graphics to be about six notches behind our friend here. In fact, if she had shown up in a game, she probably would have been worshiped by young male players. Keep in mind that Tomb Raider didn’t even come out until 1996, and even in out-of-game promotional art, Lara Croft looked like this.


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