The Current State of the Video Game Industry


Alright, so technically this is the current state of HALF the video game industry, as the other half is some goofy white guy waving his arms around in front of his TV pretending he’s a sorcerer, a tennis player or someone who can actually dance.

These space-marine/regular marine shooters really are all starting to blend together, and it’s not just from the blood splatter and the propensity for absolutely everyone to use the same holographic sight. They really do feel the same when you’re playing them, and only minor differences in setting or control set them apart.

A good way to branch out in the FPS genre? I’d say Team Fortress, Borderlands, games like that. But the rest of the Modern Warfare clones? I’m exhausted from them at this point.

  • deedee

    finally! someone noticed! im so sick of fps now. and the lack of new themes in games is kinda depressing. its always medieval guys with swords and heavy armor, modern fps, WWII fps, space marine fps, or the (mini) games that nintendo releases for the wii thats always crap.

  • sylky

    how can you make a tactical realistic shooter different. The point of the game is to shoot things. At least Killzone 2 at least let you take cover. I just wish these games let you customize your gear. I miss the days of socom when I could use different sights on different weapons.

  • JK

    That’s why you can’t knock Halo even if you’re not a fan. It looks different and plays different then all all the clones you mentioned. As for tactical realistic shooters, I agree. If they all seem to play the same, then give us more customizations and even locations. Now the trend seems to be snow levels in everything when you could be in the everglades, or near the great wall of china, or even egypt. The world is a big place, and stop cranking out a sequel every year.

  • Bandit

    Ahhhh Socom, old school days. If you played it, you knew me as I pimp owned that world.

    Does Bioshock fall into this realm? I loved its gameplay and thought it was a new feel for the genre.

  • Mindstormy

    @ Bandit,

    Bioshock is a good game, where as the other games simply are not.

  • Igor

    How could you say that Medal of Honor is a clon of MW2 and Borderlands is not???

  • xxxx

    Ah good point indeed Mr. Tassi. Tell me Xbox and PS3 fanboys, how are these games, as well as your systems, better than Nintendo?

  • mikejacobs

    The companies should take a look at the battlefield 2 mod Project Reality and try incorporate it in their games, would be fun ^^.

  • Anakrusix

    I like fps. Fps is fps, racing is racing, rpg is rpg… get my point? Do what you want, show any game any way you want but if the genre is the same, the game is comparable.

    You guys forget that there are different storylines. So what if Call of Duty ripped off Medal of Honor? For certain genre lovers- it’s the story not the gameplay. We know gameplay is the same. Sure, introduce a new element like a take cover button, pulse vision or even third person- but it’s all the same. The story is what is different and what drives the game. You can have a very unique game but if the story is crap, the game will fail.

    If you’re sick of a certain gameplay style, change it up. It’s nice to own a variety of games. Rts, Fps, Racing, rpg, sim, etc.

    (Yes, I did say CoD ripped off MoH. If you don’t know how/why go do some research.)

    Game on, Gamers!

  • Velovan

    @ Igor

    Borderlands is an MMO/RPG/FPS blend with cell graphics set on another planet. MoH and CoD are World War II / modern warfare games with the same weapons, same brown and grey graphics and same blood splatter on the camera. Ergo, those two are clones whereas Borderlands is an attempt at something completely different.

    @ xxxx

    Because the XBox 360 and PS3 are actually capable of playing host to outstanding FPS games like Bioshock 1 & 2, Half-Life 2 and Portal whereas the Wii would probably explode trying to load their main menus. Even if it did have the hardware to run them, you’d still have to wave your wand around at the screen trying to shoot. No thanks.

  • zero


    What story? Are you high or retarded? no offense here (ok, maybe a little), fps hasn’t made sense since half life. You kill bad guys, that’s it. If you are playing a fps for a story, just wow…wow. I mean heck, not even rpgs now days have a story that makes sense….

    Am I the only person here, or has pop culture dumbed us down to the level of a 6 year old.

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  • Damien

    Im wondering how you can pass judgement on 2 of the games that arent even out yet? Sure aesthetically they may look the same but gameplay-wise they may be completely different. Im all for calling out clones but c’mon,atleast give them a chance…Then drag them through the mud.

  • Anakrusix

    @ zero

    Well, if you skip the cut-scenes… no it doesn’t have a story.


  • Velovan

    Zero is right.

    “If the story is a crap, the game will fail?” LOL.

    The storylines for 90% of FPS games are generic, muddled shit. MWF 2’s story was thoroughly average. It jumped all over the fucking place and tried to rely on the shock value of “No Russian” to hide the fact that the whole game was far-fetched and idiotic. For the love of God, there was a Dukes of Hazard-like snowmobile jump that preceded the Russians invading the U.S. because some guys shot up an airport and left a dead American behind as evidence.

    Good writing has never been a big priority for most FPS developers. You had the era where everyone was a marine fighting aliens/demons, the era where every FPS took place in WWII and now we’ve got the gritty modern day “us vs. the terrorists” era. And yet every era has seen FPS games rise in popularity more and more.

    There have been a few exceptional developers trying to get the genre to be something more. System Shock, Deus Ex, Half-Life 1 & 2, Portal and Bioshock 1 & 2 are examples of FPS story telling done right. They’re original, well-paced, superbly written stories featuring characters you actually grow to care for. And the games themselves are masterpieces in original level and gameplay design. They were all successful in sales, but so are the idiotic boomfests with copy-and-paste stories and characters. As such, saying that a game’s story is key to its success is fundamentally and historically just not accurate.

    FPS gamers have always and will always buy a well-made FPS regardless of story quality. The developers know this, which is why you get so many unoriginal clones.

  • Qipz
  • Anakrusix


    So… I’m guessing you guys continue to play a game if the story is crap? I was just saying that we stop playing games if their story is crap. My wife, sister, best friend and I do. We play games for their story. You have no idea how many games we threw out because it didn’t live up to our expectations. It might have gameplay wise but why keep playing if you don’t feel like you’re succeeding in a good story.

    There are games out there we enjoyed because we didn’t expect a story line to it. L4D, Blur, CSS, TF2… It’s like a movie to us. They might hire the best actors in the world but without a story the movie falls down to mush.

  • Velovan

    @ Ana

    Well now that’s an interesting question. I guess the average gamer has two choices. You could only play games with good stories and play 5 new games a year or you could play games irregardless and play dozens. It seems like being picky about story in this industry would lead to missing out on a lot.

    That’s the beauty of Gamefly, though. I have them send me pretty much every major release that gets good reviews and I play through them and enjoy them for what they’re worth. If the story sucks, so what? Ship it back and write a nasty review 🙂

  • anakrusix


    Yeah. We’re all pc gamers. We don’t get the luxurious Gamefly option. And you got it right! We play about an average of 5 new games a year. The adult life doesn’t leave much time to game. So only having 5 games is fine by us. We do go back and play games that had good co-op like Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

  • Roryos

    I agree with some of this, a lot of modern warfare based games do copy one another for idea etc. having never played Killzone I can’t really have any sort of opinion on that. However, I think it’s wrong to say that they really do feel the same when you play them. e.g. playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as a sniper in multiplayer or even singleplayer, is generally a ridiculously easy thing to do, exactly where you put you crosshairs is where the shot is going to hit at any range, but then go and play Battlfield: Bad Company 2, and sniping is an entirely different ball game, having to take into account travel times and trajectory. You’re still doing the same thing, don’t get me wrong, but it fells in no way the same when playing either game.

    Note: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a fair comparison to teh screenshots here as Medal of Honor uses the same engine as it. being as they were both developed by DICE

  • SpruceMoose

    This is the 90th time I’ve heard this same criticism, its true, but I already know it. What confuses me though is that many people who bought these games complain about them. If you don’t like what shooters are doing these days, don’t buy them, its easy.

    But what I have to say is that if you really really actually want to see real changes in the industry, form a huge boycott which doesn’t always work (see Left 4 Dead 2). Or actually learn to program a game with code or become a better artist. You can complain all you want, if you are not involved with a game’s production the industry will never change.