The Conan O’Brien Halo 4 Easter Egg


Those of you still watching Conan on TBS might remember the time he visited 343 studios to play around in the voice booth as they made Halo 4. Well, turns out it was more than just dicking around. Some of his and Andy Richter’s dialogue actually made it into the game.

Above is a guide that shows you just where to find the secret conversation during one of the game’s quieter moments. Interestingly enough, it’s actually the longest conversation any two characters have in the game, such is the depth of the story. I kid, I kid, it’s fun. But seriously I hate the story.

Watch the video above, and hunt down the dialogue for yourself in the game.

  • Camden

    I have to disagree about the story, i though it was great. I have the fortune of having read all the books so maybe it makes more sense. It is a 4th game in a series so you can’t really fault if for not explaining itself