The Complete Series of Mario Warfare (So Far)

YouTube just messaged me to let me know that Mario Warfare: Part 7 had just been uploaded by BeatDownBoogie, and my first thought was “holy shit, they’re up to part seven already?” I followed the series for the first two episodes, but for some reason I lost track of it for a good long while. Now the thing has practically turned into a full length movie with seven ten minute long episodes.

I just finished watching them all to catch up, and I figured maybe a few of you wanted to do the same. It’s the coolest take on the Mushroom Kingdom I’ve seen on video, and they really do a good job with it. Check out the other six parts below after watching the first ep above.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

  • Mark Serio

    its a cool idea, but the voice matching is sooooo bad that it becomes distracting, but still a cool idea

  • cypher20

    It’s fun. The Shy Guys really need to stop capturing people though and just start shooting them. Still, best not to take this kind of thing too seriously, so I’ll let it slide.