The Complete Series of Mario Warfare (So Far)

YouTube just messaged me to let me know that Mario Warfare: Part 7 had just been uploaded by BeatDownBoogie, and my first thought was “holy shit, they’re up to part seven already?” I followed the series for the first two episodes, but for some reason I lost track of it for a good long while. Now the thing has practically turned into a full length movie with seven ten minute long episodes.

I just finished watching them all to catch up, and I figured maybe a few of you wanted to do the same. It’s the coolest take on the Mushroom Kingdom I’ve seen on video, and they really do a good job with it. Check out the other six parts below after watching the first ep above.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


  1. Mark Serio March 26, 2014
  2. cypher20 March 26, 2014

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