The Best Trailer at E3 – Star Wars: The Old Republic


We’ve shown you a few of the best trailers that have premiered at E3, but now most of the major announcments are over, and it’s time to choose the very best of the best. I’m only breaking this down into two categories, cinematic trailers (which usually feature little to no gameplay) and demos (which features mostly gameplay).

First up we have the winner of the trailer category, and that is without a doubt Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, their next-gen MMO. I highly recommend you click through the video to watch it in HD, as the battle between the Sith, the Jedi and Bounty Hunters is one of the best action scenes Star Wars has ever seen, and that includes all the movies. It only reinforces the idea that Star Wars is great in spite of George Lucas, not because of him. Can you imagine if we could actually see an Old Republic film series?


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