The Best of Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’?

Ashly Burch is a rather hilarious gaming girl who breaks the stereotypes of A) the morbidly obese loner or B) the insanely hot, totally-faking it G4 correspondent. Rather she’s just an average girl who likes games and has the ability to make some pretty damn hilarious videos about them.

I’ve posted a few of my favorite episodes of her web series below, and don’t worry, they’re quite short so you’ll only waste minimal amounts of your work day watching them.

What games would you like to see Ash play that she hasn’t yet?

Animal Crossing


Persona 3


Left 4 Dead


Guitar Hero


Team Fortress



Final Fight


Super Smash Bros Brawl




Ocarina of Time




  • Erin

    Awww, you left out two of my favorites:

    1. Best Games of 2009 – my husband actually plays “Kiss from a Rose” over Arkham Asylum now because of the Hey Ash skit.

    2. Text Adventures

    But, much cred for the Persona 3 video (great game, great skit). “Seppukuman.”

    The Heavy Rain one is also good (anything with Papa Burch is great). “I’m gonna look at this suit.”

  • Pip

    “Ash” (I’m guessing her real name is Ashley, that name being far too mainstream) is a dumb hipster. It only makes her a worse human being that she’s used her hipster ‘wit’ to make a little gaming enterprise on the web. Games are cool. They’re not supposed to be fodder for some crappy, smelly, psuedo-bohemian, soy milk drinking asshole.

    ‘Oh look, I have a bush on top of my big screen TV. I’m so cool’

  • Crash

    These videos were hilarious.

    Also Pip is a troll. Don’t feed the trolls.

  • Kaeyne

    Nice collection, but one of my favorites is missing too.
    Far Cry 2 – where she shoots the zebra. xD

  • No.Na.

    HOLYSHIT AN OPINION (just throwing it in there don’t kill me internet): Honestly the “girl gamer” stereotype is (or should be) derelict in most circles aside from people who are outside gaming culture (I don’t consider g4 gaming culture they’re just a disguised Spike TV).

    You Should head to Mevio, or itunes and listen to their “hey ash watcha podcast” too they are long but hilarious.

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