The Best Edited Modern Warfare Frag Video I’ve Ever Seen


This video is so awesome, I don’t even care if it’s from Modern Warfare 1 instead of 2. You can barely even tell, outside of the level I don’t recognize. And if this was the new game, I bet we’d have a slo-motion throwing knife shot.

Anyways, it features some pretty cool kills and what not, but I’m a fan more of the editing itself, which is above and beyond most “highlight reels” of this type you  usually find on internet.

If you go to the author’s YouTube page you’ll find a bunch more pretty cool Modern Warfare 2 videos including a bunch of top plays lists.

  • JapJay

    I’ve never been a fan of Cod montages and vids. How many lucky no scopes can you really watch? This one was pretty sweet. Like you said, Paul, the kills were cool but the editing and style of the vid was superb.