The Best Demo at E3 – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


Yeah, you thought I was going to say God of War III didn’t you?  Well, as awesome as that was, at its root it’s simply God of War with better graphics and a few more moves, which is of course exactly what we want. But in terms of actual revolutionary and stunning gameplay, I have to give it to Uncharted 2.

I’ve never played the first game, so maybe it’s just Uncharted with better graphics, but that’s not what I’m  hearing. I’ve never seen a more cinematic gameplay experience before,  so much so that it was almost confusing to figure out where the cutscenes ended and the gameplay began. Sure it’s full of scripted events, but they’re made to feel exceptionally natural and you’re along for the ride, but also in control at the same time.

Yes, despite claims of my Microsoft fanboy-ism, I gave the two awards to a PC game and a PS3 game. If I were doing a tech demo award I’d give it to Natal though, with the Wii Vitality Monitor a distant last.

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