Bioshock Cosplayers Head to the Aquarium


A pair of intrepid cosplayers headed to the place best able to recreate the glass ceilings of Rapture, their local aquarium. This set of pictures is probably some of the best “on-set” cosplay shots I’ve seen since a bunch of crazy Russians decided to play Fallout 3 a little while ago.

Check out some more pictures after the jump. When is someone going volunteer their seven year old to actually play an age-appropriate Little Sister in one of these shoots?






This one might be my favorite. Check out even more pictures from the shoot over at Geekologie.

  • Wow, those are some amazing photos. My favourite is probably the same as yours.
    Imagine walking into an aquarium unknowingly and then seeing those two in front of you? haha, an amusing though x)

  • Thank you for posting these Paul! Awesome!

  • Cody

    Oh, how I would love to put on that big daddy suit.