The Best and Worst of Street Fighter Cosplay

The longer I write for this site and make posts like this, the more respect I have for good cosplay. To truly make a good costume it takes a lot of hard work and artistic talent.

Also the opposite is also true, and I have even less respect for shit costumes. Today I’ve decided to go with the best of both worlds, and do both good and bad in one gallery post. Street Fighter is the theme, and as Halloween approaches, you can see the good, the bad and the ugly of what you might expect if you go down one of these routes.

Good Ryu

Bad Ryu

Good Ken

Bad Ken

Good Chun Li

Bad Chun Li

Good M. Bison

Bad M. Bison

Good Zangief

Bad Zangief

Good Sakura

Bad Sakura

Good Guile

Bad Guile

Good Cammy

Bad Cammy

Good Blanka

Bad Blanka

Good E. Honda

Bad E. Honda

Good Sagat

Bad Sagat

Good Vega

Bad Vega

Good Akuma

Bad Akuma

Fan-freaking-tastic Dhaslim

Bad Dhalsim