The 50 Worst Video Game Lines – All Acted Out


Now that video games have been legally declared an art form, they need to get their act together in terms of disallowing horrendous dialogue to appear in them. The best examples of such horror would be these fifty lines from games, which I believe we’ve featured before.

But now there’s a brilliant rendition of the list starring Dean, who spent a bunch of time memorizing each beat so he could accurately lip-sync all the lines in the list. The result? Utter hilarity, and most are even funnier than they were in the actual games. Check it out above or else WELCOME TO DIE.

  • uncle phil

    So…did anyone else get oddly aroused when he lip-synching the girl voices? just me huh?

    i’ll see myself out.

  • Hang on, Link never talks. In what game is he supposed to have said: “Great, I’ll go get my stuff”? – I am sceptical….

  • Andrea

    Thanks for a good laugh. Well done.

  • this is freak to listen all

  • Henry

    che vato chiflado

  • nice …post..

  • sean

    @ fatpie42
    I believe it was from the Tv show, not the games

  • nice games.. i liked that.. thanks your info.. 🙂

  • Kayge

    @ fatpie42

    It’s from the CD-i Zelda games, absolute abominations made by Philips. Youtube it, the cutscenes are hilariously awful.

    Granted you’ll have to sift through the youtube poop, but hey.

    Sometimes those are even better.

  • Ugh

    This is fucking lame.